Kitchen Storage Ideas for Cabinets, Drawers, and More

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No matter how amazing a kitchen looks on the outside, that immaculate vision can quickly crumble if you open a cabinet or drawer to see a jumble of cereal boxes or utensils inside.

Ready to make opening cabinet doors and drawers a pleasure? Here are some kitchen storage ideas to consider.

Tricked-out drawers

Go further than that knife block you inserted when you first moved in, and create spots for all of your everyday items such as the timer, kitchen shears, jiggers, and citrus reamer. Professional organizers love this storage system as it forces homeowners to return each item to its proper place.

“You can also build out drawers for small appliances,” says Catherine Pulcine of CPI Interiors.

Mounted plates

Whether installed above the stove or sink or set up as a stand-alone holder, a plate rack often lets you take advantage of previously unused space, notes Novak.

Also, “try a door rack for pot lids and pans, but make sure it’s adjustable in case your life changes and you need to move things around,” she says.

And if you’re going for shelving for plates and bowls, always request peg holes that run the entire vertical length of your cabinets so you can adjust to any level you like, says Michelle Hale, professional organizer and co-founder of Henry & Higby.

Pull-out veggie bins

Certain veggies last longer (and taste better) if they’re stored at room temperature. To this end, consider a couple of pull-out bins to save space in the fridge and free those poor spuds and onions from the cold. Wooden bins made with metal mesh on one end allow the air to circulate. Or go the DIY route and stack baskets or wire containers on an open shelf—they’ll work similarly to keep veggies fresh.

Coffee capsules, corralled

Love those coffee pods, but hate the unsightly boxes they come in? The fix: a custom tray that fits these tiny pods to a T and lets you see if you’re out of Italian roast. Just be sure you’re committed to your particular brew brand so this coffee solution doesn’t become obsolete.

Tucked-away trays

Those of us with a skinny space between the dishwasher or the wall and a tall cabinet know the special pain of having platters escape on their edges, roll away, and then shatter on the floor. You can avoid this mess and the (inevitable) avalanche caused by cookie sheets and trays by putting in an upright organizer.

“This way, you can see all of your items without having to unstack them to find the blue one,” says Novak.

Jamie Gold always includes storage with tray dividers in the kitchens she designs.

“I either put them in the space above the oven if there are a lot of trays and baking sheets to house, or in a narrow base cabinet that pulls out,” says the certified kitchen designer and author of “New Kitchen Ideas That Work.”

Pegged plates

This easy storage method makes great use of a deep drawer. Plus, installing a set of simple wooden pegs is inexpensive and rather easy if you’re handy with tools.

Pro tip: Put this kitchen storage idea in the spot closest to the dishwasher as it’ll make unloading and stacking a breeze.

Hidden utensils

A crock on the counter is fine, but why not remove this jar for a more streamlined look? A pull-out cabinet can hold triple the number of spatulas and spoons and allows you to separate your utensils into different sections to suit your cooking needs.

Dog kibble cubby

The animal lover in Novak loves a dedicated drawer for pet food.

“Ones that tip out or pull out for dry pellets, as well as a longer spot that opens to reveal bowls is a clean, organized way to deal with pet supplies,” she says.

Other space-saving custom details might include full-depth cabinets over the fridge and garbage and recycling systems, adds Pulcine.

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