Upgrading to a Ductless Mini Split System

When you’re considering a new climate control system, you have a lot more options today than you might have had even a decade ago. Not only can you choose to replace a basic air conditioner and furnace with the same kind of setup, you can also opt for a heat pump, which can help you save money on fuel, or go with the current Cadillac of HVAC efficiency, the ductless mini split system.

Offering SEER ratings far above anything a more traditional air conditioner or heat pump can offer, ductless mini split systems are gaining popularity rapidly with homeowners who are taking advantage of the new technology. Even though they’re right for a lot of people, they’re not right for everyone. Here are a few things to consider.

Can I Upgrade My Home to a Ductless Mini Split System?

Absolutely. Nearly any home can be upgraded to a ductless mini split system, but because ductless mini splits have a large physical component that hangs on the wall, each room or area that you plan to individually control will need a unit. Unlike a traditional HVAC system that is often hidden away in a closet or a crawl space, you will be living with the indoor component of the ductless mini split, so make sure that you truly want that bit of additional decor in each room.

In addition to having a physical reminder of the climate control around all the time, keep in mind that you’ll need a professional HVAC installer to help design your system and fit it to your home. Each home is unique, and unlike with a standard HVAC that often only needs one unit to do up the whole house, the peculiarities of your home will determine just how many pieces are going to be required to keep your home comfortable year-round.

How Are Ductless Mini Split Units Powered?

Just like with standard HVAC systems, there’s a compressor component to a ductless mini split that sits outside of the home. This is usually powered by the same power feed that was powering your traditional compressor. That part won’t change at all.

However, older homes may present unique problems when it comes to the indoor units. They don’t need a lot of power to run, but they do each require an outlet that they’re going to be permanently plugged into while operating. If your house is short on spare outlets, you may need to hire in an electrician to add a few outlets, or even a new circuit, for the indoor part of your ductless mini split system.

What Will You Do About the Old Ductwork?

Ductless mini split systems work so well for so many homes because of the fact that they don’t need ductwork. So, in homes that have difficult to access crawl spaces or attics, adding a unit to a room is not a problem at all. However, the flip side of this is that once you’ve installed a ductless mini split system, there’s a question of what to do with the old ductwork.

Since you’ll not be using it anymore, many people choose to repair the holes in the floors or ceilings where the vents were and remove the ductwork entirely. Leaving ductwork intact can create opportunities for animals to make it a home, as well as leaving materials to degrade in your home that could cause other problems later. Removing the old furnace is also recommended while your HVAC installer is on site.

Ready to Start Living That Ductless Life?

Whether you’re positive that a ductless mini split system is for you, or you’d like to speak to an expert to figure out the best solution for your heating and cooling needs, you’ll be able to find all the resources you need within your HomeKeepr community. Just ask for a recommendation for the very best HVAC installers in your area, and in no time, all your ductless mini split system questions will be answered, and you’ll be well on your way to a new, efficient indoor air solution.

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