What’s New in Interior Design and Furniture

Mar 14, 2023

Are you looking for new ways to design your home’s interior, such as updating furniture? It’s fun to refresh your home with the latest design trends. Whether you are looking for a new color palette, a change in fabrics, or a whole new décor, here are some of the latest ideas and guidelines suggested by experts for 2023.

Softness and comfort—Rows, straight lines, and a cold, stark look in color, fabric, and design have taken a back seat to soft, round, curved, and natural shapes. In addition, shades of white, cream, brown, beige, and green are preferred colors because they remind homeowners of tranquility and simplicity. Soft cushions, armchairs, sofas with curved architecture, and arched doorways invite lived-in comfort for much relaxing and socializing at home. During post-pandemic times, rooms have become multi-purpose spaces for escape and leisure.

Environmentally friendly furnishings—Interior articles made with natural materials are in more demand as homeowners focus on the importance of sustainability and durability. Products made from wood, wool, stone, ceramics, marble, rattan, wicker, or recyclable resources have become favored because they connect to nature, health, and well-being while bringing a sense of brightness and luxury.

Nostalgia—Trends and styles of past decades are regaining popularity. The retro style of the 1970s, vibrant colors, bronze finishes, acrylic material, and floral designs is one example, and a return to art deco of the 1920s is another favorite. Mid-century vintage pieces have also seen a resurgence in which many are purchasing antiques at affordable prices and restoring them. With the rising cost of living, consumers are shopping cheaper but seeking better quality and more unique items. At the same time, there is an interest in fusing old styles with new such as the mingling of vintage and contemporary schemes throughout a room or home.

Silver versus gold—Silver, chrome, and steel furniture pieces are becoming favored over interior components with a yellowish gold, rose, and brass finish.

Experimentation with paint, patterns, and textures—Many want to make a statement with bold, primary colors and decorative detail. It is evident with increased interest in curved moldings, wall panels, decorative lighting, and accented upholstery with woven detail. Large-scale furniture pieces with mixed-color pairings are another approach to creating a vibrant environment. There is also a tendency to make an individual statement by painting one’s furniture to give it a customized look or go for an eclectic theme by mixing and matching items such as sofas, tables, and lamps. Other ideas are painted ceilings and wallpaper borders for windows and doors.

Functionality—As we seek more comfort and mobility in smaller dwellings, we find ways to utilize space practically. Many are creating new rooms or activity areas from unused space, such as converting a large closet or breakfast nook into a small office. Multifunctional furniture is sought for its practicality. Beds with side drawers to store clothing and blankets are a great alternative to a bulky dresser. A coat stand or hooks frees up the hall closet. Linen cabinets, height-adjustable washbasins, and walk-in showers make the bathroom a clutter-free and relaxing room to retreat in.

You have your pick of designer ideas for 2023, whether you prefer to go bold or want a more natural setting with a subtle style. Although you may be working with a limited budget or space, these useful tips will allow you to be creative and experimental without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

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