When to Hire a Handyman Service

Jul 27, 2023

When it comes to home remodeling, maintenance, and repair, you can do the work yourself to save money, increase self-reliance, or learn new skills. While it may give you satisfaction to complete a project on your own, some tasks may require the skills of a professional handyman. When deciding whether to DIY or hire a handyman, consider the following important factors.

A permit may be required- Projects requiring specialized knowledge will often require a permit or licensing to complete, so they are best left to an expert handyman with the right credentials, training, and experience. Examples of specialties could be electrical, plumbing, or large appliance repair. However, for tasks such as painting, simple repair, or any other jobs that fit the homeowner’s skill level, work can be done by the homeowner to save on the costs of labor.

The scope of the job— Identify the process by writing down the steps you’ll need to accomplish, the time it will take, and the costs of materials and tools. Once you do, you can determine if this is a job you can handle on your own. If you don’t already have the tools, time, or expertise, it is worth the investment to

Safety— Doing the job yourself is not wise if there is a risk of injury. If making a mistake can lead to

Fixing up for resale— For home improvement, to sell your home, you will want a professional who can do the job flawlessly so that you can impress buyers. Examples of projects a professional should handle are hardwood floor installation, window replacement, electrical and plumbing work, and siding or shingle replacement.

Budget— Make some price comparisons between doing the job yourself and hiring a professional. It is not worth your time and effort if you only save a little by tackling it yourself. DIY is only a better option if you are willing to deal with your errors, have the skill set, and have the time. If not, it’s better to spend the extra money with the assurance the job will be done correctly. In addition, if you don’t have the

Your history with DIY projects— Recall your past experiences in completing your repair or renovation projects. If you remember making many costly mistakes because you lacked the skill and proper equipment, you should look for a local handyman to do the job right from the get-go this time.

Finding the Right Handyman— Take your time when researching to hire a professional. Your selection should be local, fit your scheduling needs, and be experienced in the areas you need work done. Get referrals from friends, family, or neighbors. When searching online, read multiple reviews. Shop around for at least three estimates, and once you make your choice, have a written contract drawn up for your guarantee.

We all want a home that functions well. We must decide whether to complete the task ourselves or hire a professional when repairs are needed. It can be an enjoyable learning experience to make our own improvements, yet there can be unexpected hardships, dangers, or delays that we are not prepared to deal with. If you lack the expertise, materials, and time required for your home improvement needs, hiring a handyman is the wisest choice.

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